David Schlachter

We Need Girlfriends Season One—Review

The first season of We Need Girlfriends, a comedy drama distributed through the internet, ends in its final installment this month. ‘Goodbye Forever’ showcases the consistent acting and directing talent that has gone into the season from its start.

Cinematography is a subtle but very well implemented tool in the series, which gives the program a particularly professional feel in the world of amateur video. The choice of camera angles and lighting is tasteful, effectively contributes to the mood, and is used to introduces plot elements in an enjoyable manner.

Humour, although crude at moments, is used as a backdrop to the larger ideas presented by the show. Themes such as self worth, naivety, coming of age, and many others tie in nicely with the overall idea of finding a partner.

Altogether, with commendable acting, excellent production, and even recurring pokes at serious issues, the first season of We Need Girlfriends is a unique success and definitely worth watching.

[Also, a shout-out to Peter Repstock who told me about this series; he knows quality films.]