David Schlachter

I currently study Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Ottawa, and can be contacted by email. You might be interested in my LinkedIn profile, or my projects on GitHub.

This site is for sharing my solutions to problems, giving project pages to some of my open-source work, and for general informational articles.


To-do list weighing the deadline and the weight of the task

Multi-variable To-do List

Nov 25, 2015
To-do list weighing both the deadline and the value of the task. Helpful for balancing urgency and importance, tuned for university course work and exams.

Track Concatenator icon (tool to join together iTunes tracks)

Track Concatenator

January 24, 2015
Join together iTunes tracks. Uses ffmpeg, mp4v2, and others to interact with iTunes using AppleScript.


February 6, 2010
Tool to convert images to PNG format, then optimize them to reduce file size. Requires Mac OS 10.6.

Cappies 2007-2008 Season Shirt

July 17, 2008
Shirt featuring the names of the schools and shows of the 07/08 Canada’s Capital Cappies Season! Shows listed in chronological order. Plain colours make this shirt ideal for tie dyeing!

The Music Man—Review

April 22, 2008
My review of the April 22nd, 2008 performance of Sir Wilfrid Laurier High School’s production of “The Music Man”, for the Cappies.

George Wilson—Monologue

May 14, 2007
Internal monologue of George Wilson, a character from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, as he’s walking from The Valley of Ashes to Gatsby.


May 8, 2006
Essay: how life in Quebec today is better than it was three hundred years ago.

Illustration of “Macbeth and Banquo meeting the witches on the heath” by Théodore Chassériau

Irony in Macbeth

January 20, 2006
How Shakespeare used irony in Macbeth. Favourite phrase: “relentless sinister determination.”

Illustration of Lady Macbeth by George Cattermole


December 11, 2005
Portraying Macbeth as weak-minded and easily manipulated.

Aconitum aquarius [PDF, 233 kB]

October 2, 2003
Science project: invent an imaginary animal.