David Schlachter

Fix HomePod mini connectivity with the Bell Giga Hub

Update 2023-08-31: Unfortunately, the steps below didn't fully resolve the connectivity issues with the HomePods (perhaps it was just a placebo effect?). Ultimately, I ended up getting a TP-Link Archer AX55 router (Wirecutter's recommendation) and connecting it to the GigaHub in PPPoE bridge mode. Since replacing the GigaHub WiFi network with the AX55's, I haven't had any issues connecting to the HomePods.

Bell recently upgraded my modem/router from their Home Hub 4000 to the Giga Hub. After the change, my HomePod mini speakers became very unreliable! Our phones would often fail to connect to them. Sometimes they would successfully connect, but then the HomePod's volume couldn't be adjusted and we couldn't play/pause from the phone.

Apparently we're not the first ones to have these issues!

All the issues went away after we started using different SSIDs for the Wi-fi networks on different frequencies. Here's what I did to get everything working normally again:

  1. Use a different SSID for the 2.4/5/6 GHz WiFi networks

    To do this, you have to:

    • Open the Giga Hub web interface
    • Select "Manage My Wi-Fi"
    • Turn off the "Whole Home Wi-Fi" toggle. This will then enable the "Advanced settings" button at the bottom of this page
    • Under "Advanced settings", uncheck "Keep a common network name (SSID) and password across all bands"
    • Give the networks on each frequency a different SSID. (Personally, I just disabled the 2.4 GHz network since I don't have any devices that use it. I also disabled the 6 GHz network since I don't have many devices new enough to use it.)
    • Save all the network settings
  2. Reset the HomePods

    After deleting the HomePods from the Home app on my iPhone, I factory-reset them by plugging them into a Mac with a USB-C cable, the selecting "Restore HomePod..." in the Finder. There are other ways to do this..

  3. Reconfigure the HomePods

    Use the Home app to add them again.

After following the steps above, I haven't had any more connectivity or stability problems with the HomePods. Hopefully, Apple will improve their frequency switching so that none of this is necessary.