What I look for in a bicycle
Nov 8, 2016
List of things I look for when choosing or improving a bicycle.
Fix 2015 Moto G (3rd Gen) Unresponsiveness
Apr 21, 2016
Using a slow SD card as internal storage in Android 6 can cause serious performance issues!
Disable OS X kernel_task throttling
Dec 9, 2015
How to disable kernel_task CPU throttling in OS X.
Multi-variable To-do List
Nov 25, 2015
To-do list weighing both the deadline and the value of the task.
Track Concatenator
January 24, 2015
Join together iTunes tracks.
IM Days Presentation Materials
November 18, 2014
Materials for my presentation at ARMA NCR IM Days.
Build Netatalk 3 on Raspberry Pi
November 13, 2014
How to build Netatalk 3 (with Spotlight support) on Raspberry Pi.
Tool to convert images to PNG format, then optimize them to reduce file size. Requires Mac OS 10.6.
Cappies 2007-2008 Season Shirt
A shirt featuring the names of the schools and shows of the 07/08 Canada’s Capital Cappies Season! They’re listed in chronological order, and the rather plain colours make this shirt ideal for tie dying!
D’Arcy McGee High School Gee Gee’s Logo
December 9, 2005
The logo of the D’Arcy McGee High School Gee Gee’s, as vector art (with rasters available).