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The Sin of Disharmony in Coleridge’s “Ancient Mariner”
April 1, 2010
The Ancient Mariner’s offense explored and unified.
Comparison of the Carabid Assemblages of a Deciduous and a Coniferous Stand in Aylmer, Quebec’s Boucher Forest [PDF, 160 kB]
March 19, 2010
A comparison of the carabid beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages of a coniferous and a deciduous stand of Aylmer, Quebec’s Boucher Forest. I found that the dominant species were nonindigenous and preferred cultivated ground.
Love as Misunderstood in Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night’s Dream
December 4, 2009
Comparison of Oberon and Don Pedro’s understandings of love contrasted with the influence of Puck and Dogberry.
Jane Eyre as an Aarne-Thompson Type 425C Fairy Tale
April 20, 2009
Essay arguing against Jane Eyre as a ‘fairy tale gone wrong.’
Exploring Subjectivity, as Seen in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time—Photo Essay [PDF, 1.2 MB]
May 31, 2008
Photo essay on subjectivity, written as a novel study project. Features interesting photos and analyses.
The Music Man—Review
April 22, 2008
My review of the April 22nd, 2008 performance of Sir Wilfrid Laurier High School’s production of “The Music Man”, for the Cappies. This one was selected for publication as an excerpt.
The Triangle Factory Fire Project—Review
April 12, 2008
My review of the April 9th, 2008 performance of Canterbury High School’s production of “The Triangle Factory Fire Project”, for the Cappies. This one was selected for publication as an excerpt.
Maslow’s Hierarchy and Food Complacency
March 14, 2008
Why don’t we care about food? Here, I say that complacency is to blame. The premise is that we don’t care about our basic needs if we don’t work for them.
Flowers for Algernon—Review
December 27, 2007
My review of Immaculata High School’s production, for the Cappies. This one was not selected for publication.
The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood—Review
December 12, 2007
My review of South Carleton High School’s production, for the Cappies. This one was selected for publication, as an excerpt.
Comic Potential—Review
December 1, 2007
My review of All Saints High School’s production, for the Cappies. This one was selected for publication, in the Ottawa Citizen.
The Worst High School Play in the World—Review
November 24, 2007
My review of Cairine Wilson Secondary School’s production, for the Cappies. This one was selected for publication.
George Wilson—Monologue
May 14, 2007
An internal monologue with George Wilson, a character from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. This is as he’s walking from The Valley of Ashes to Gatsby.
From Symbols to Thought
April 9, 2007
Thoughts on how I began to write, which once appeared on the About Me page. I decided to move it here.
The Realizations of Self as Seen in “The Cardboard Room”
February 5, 2007
Looking at interesting topics like hate, fear, and emotions, this was my response that I wrote for my Mid-Year English Exam. I actually put a lot of thought into this, and I suppose it was cathartic in a way.
The Portrait of a Madman: Schizophrenia in “The Tell Tale Heart”
December 21, 2006
An essay trying to prove that Edgar Allan Poe’s narrator in ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ has schizophrenia. I liked having to research the symptoms associated with the disease to write this.
The Use of Apprehension for Creating Tension in “To Kill a Mockingbird”
May 23, 2006
Writing to prove a kind of obscure point in “To Kill A Mockingbird”.
To Kill A Mockingbird—Response
May 4, 2006
A response to “To Kill A Mockingbird”. It features a drawn out connection to the Iliad.
May 8, 2006
An essay that I wrote for history class to show how life in Quebec today is much better than it was three hundred years ago.
Irony in Macbeth
January 20, 2006
Essay demonstrating how Shakespeare used irony in Macbeth. Hence the title. Favourite phrase: “relentless sinister determination.”
December 11, 2005
Portraying Macbeth as weak-minded and easily manipulated.
Response to The Chrysalids
October 25, 2005
Reading response to John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids.
Aconitum aquarius [PDF, 233 kB]
October 2, 2003
Science project in which we all had to make up an imaginary animal and write about it.